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Interview with Cammie Finch: The Rumpus

Writers Recommend: Poet&Writers

Conversation with Rosebud Ben Oni: Verve {in} Verse, Kenyon Review

Interview with JinJin Xu: Washington Square Review

Poet in the Mirror: Frontier Poetry

Interview with Rachel Stempel: EX/POST

Interview with A.K Afferez: Ploughshares 

Interview with Martha Stuit: A2 Pulp (AADL)

Interview with Maddie Woda: The Columbia Review

Interview with Esteban Rodriguez: EcoTheo

Interview with Michael Tager: Fear No Lit

Interview with Carmen Arribas: Ogma Magazine

Interview with Laura Villareal: Writers Talking About Anything but Writing, F(r)iction

Interview with Na Kego: HocTok

Interview with Friday Live (NPR, Lincoln)


Some Are Always Hungry on Goodreads

Some Are Always Hungry on Publishers Weekly

20 Must-read University Press Books on Bookriot

What We're Reading: Food Writing and Cookbooks on AAWW The Margins

Review on E-Tangata by Loveni S Enari

Review on Portland Review by Stacey Park 

Review on Tupelo Quarterly by Aline Soules

Review on International Examiner by Eugenie Julienne Mamuyac

Review on The Strategy Bridge by Michelle Sabala

Review on Read Poetry by Kara Lewis

2020 Year in Review on Yale Review

Bookmarks: Best of 2020 on Asian American Writers' Workshop

Poetry is Beautiful Because it is Fleeting on Bookriot

Poets on Poets by Sylvia Santiago, Kenyon Review

Review by Lane Berger, Drizzle Review

Review by Maddie Woda, The Columbia Review

Poetry Double Features by Summer Farah

Review  by Aakanksha Singh, The Seer

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