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Past Publications

"All Female," and "The Wives": They Rise as a Wave Anthology of Asian Writers

"(Mis)translations": AAWW The Margins

"Safe": Cero

"Prognosis as Double Exposed Film": NinthLetter

"Revisitations": NO TENDER FENCES Anthology of Immigrant and First Generation Writers

Two reprinted poems: AAWW The Margins

"Menstruation Triptych": Best New Poets, University of Virginia Press

"Diptych as my Great Aunt in 1953," and "Elegy with Mayfly Sex": The Southeast Review

"Homecoming," and "Reversal": Entropy Mag

"Savaging": Adroit Journal

"Dialogue with the Husband Stitch": Sycamore Review

"The Daughter Transmorphic": Poetry Northwest

"Thaw": Cream City Review

"Saga of the Nymph and the Woodcutter," and "Ode to the Dandelion": Western Humanities Review

"Imaginary Bodies": The Journal

"Fragments from my Grandparents": Bat City Review

"Benediction as Disdained Cuisine": Hunger Mountain

"All Female": Narrative Magazine

"Found Dead in a Ditch": Glass Magazine

"Yellow Fever," and "Self Portrait Diptych as Animal and Womb": New Delta Review

"Scar Watching": 32 Poems

"Mother Shows me a Photograph," and "The Tale of Janghwa and Hongryeon": Elastic Mag

"Homonyms": Ruminate Magazine

"The Leaving Season": Columbia Review

"Menstruation Triptych": Blue Mesa Review

"Benediction as Prey and Predator": Flyway Journal

"Fish Head Soup," and "Lineage": Winter Tangerine Review

"Bone Soup, 1951": Print Oriented Bastards

"The Abalone Dive": Artemis Journal (Print Edition)

"I Revisit Age Four," and "My Mother, Undressing": Prelude Magazine

"Passage, 1951": BOAAT

"Diaspora and Other Things we Ate": Anomaly (Formerly Drunken Boat Press)

"Fisherwomen at Work": River Styx (Print Edition)

"My Grandmother Praying": Breakwater Review

"Lilith," and "Thirst": Tinderbox Journal

"Caught," and "The Wives": Muse/A

"Immigration II," and "War Soup": Cosmonauts Ave

"Blood Type," "Praise," and  "Some are Always Hungry": Fugue Journal

"After the Funeral," and an excerpt from "Sundays for the Faithful": AAWW The Margins

"Aubade,"  "Yesenia," and a excerpt from "Sundays for the Faithful": Sixfold

"For Now, Nothing Burning," and "Revisitations": Timber Journal

"Sundays for the Faithful" and Interview: Brooklyn Poets

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