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Select Publications

"All Female," and "The Wives": They Rise as a Wave Anthology of Asian Writers

"(Mis)translations": AAWW The Margins

"Safe": Cero

"Prognosis as Double Exposed Film": NinthLetter

"Menstruation Triptych": Best New Poets, University of Virginia Press

"Diptych as my Great Aunt in 1953," and "Elegy with Mayfly Sex": The Southeast Review

"Homecoming," and "Reversal": Entropy Mag

"Savaging": Adroit Journal

"Dialogue with the Husband Stitch": Sycamore Review

"The Daughter Transmorphic": Poetry Northwest

"Benediction as Disdained Cuisine": Hunger Mountain

"All Female": Narrative Magazine

"Found Dead in a Ditch": Glass Magazine

"Yellow Fever," and "Self Portrait Diptych as Animal and Womb": New Delta Review

"The Leaving Season": Columbia Review

"Menstruation Triptych": Blue Mesa Review

"Benediction as Prey and Predator": Flyway Journal

"I Revisit Age Four," and "My Mother, Undressing": Prelude Magazine

"Passage, 1951": BOAAT

"My Grandmother Praying": Breakwater Review

"Lilith," and "Thirst": Tinderbox Journal

"Caught," and "The Wives": Muse/A

"Blood Type," "Praise," and  "Some are Always Hungry": Fugue Journal

Freelance Work

Jihyun Yun has extensive experience writing for narration. Below is a sampling of sleep story scripts written for the Calm App's premium subscription. 


MY HEART IN THE HIGHLANDS, narrated by Sam Heughan

THE BEAUTY OF WINDING DOWN, narrated by Camila Cabello


CHRISTMAS EVE IN FRANKENMUTH, narrated by Ameli Dziemba

A DAY IN DA NANG, narrated by Anthony Phan

A HOMESTEAD (5-part series), narrated by Danielle Aykroyd

WOMEN OF WATER, narrated by Lourdes Faberes

A FLOWER GROWS IN THE OUTBACK, narrated by Adam Whitby

AMONG THE ASPENS (co-written with Francis Santana), narrated by Prince EA

THE MEAD OF POETRY, narrated by Erik Braa

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